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Sunset/sunrise feature requires Android to know its location, either from cellular network or GPS.
Sunset/sunrise calculations may not work properly if you live within Arctic Circle. Active internet connection is required to update weather status.


To get support, please contact me at

Also, be sure to check FAQ, maybe your problem is already described there.


Why can I buy Ship In The Phone on Amazon only? Why not Google Play?

Unfortunately, Google doesn't let developers from Ukraine sell paid apps on Google Play. I don't know why.
This is as upsetting to me as it is to you.

I have Lite edition installed, but I have problems installing Full edition.

Please, delete the Lite edition before you install the Full one.

Scrolling is not working on my HTC phone. Why?

Unfortunately, the problem here is with HTC Sense. HTC has decided to drop support for scrolling live wallpapers for some reason.

The only thing you can do here, is to use another shell application instead of HTC Sense. For example, you may try Go Laucher Ex.

Is that true that Live Wallpapers consume a lot of battery power?

Live wallpapers do consume more power than the static image. However, the difference is greatly overrated.

Ship In The Phone uses phone resources only when you actually see the wallpaper. When you switch to another application or turn off the screen, wallpaper becomes inactive.